My Two Scents

Getting a puppy is the best thing ever. Getting a puppy smell out of your apartment, well that’s a different story.

After trying every air freshener, enzyme cleaner and carpet powder on the market, I constantly felt disappointed. I realized a lot of products out there are great at masking smells but not actually removing them. I also tend to like natural cleaning products versus those with harsh chemicals.

I went on a mission to find the best air purifying products that would kick that pup smell out of my apartment for good. To my surprise, I still use them regularly and have also incorporated them into my business of professional organizing. Closets, storage units, garages & kitchens are examples of spaces that can benefit from air purifying.

Here are my two scents that I can’t live without!

  1. Sage: This aromatic plant has an extended history of medicinal properties and is native to the Mediterranean region. Burning sage has definitely been a trending topic for quite some time and I see it being sold in boutiques, yoga studios and health food stores all over the place. It is used in smudging practices that aim to purify air and also tell bad energies to hit the road. After my experience, I definitely agree with all of the above. As for being a dog mom, sage is one of the few things I used in my apartment that really made that puppy smell vanish. I would light it every morning and every night before bed. After a few days, I felt the air in my apartment neutralize. Although Otis is now all grown up and he never has accidents in the house, we still use sage religiously to keep our air and energy feeling fresh.
  2. Qalo Santo: Palo Santo is a tree native to Mexico, Central and South America that is burned similarly to incense. In Ecuador, burning Palo Santo is used to clear bad energy and dates back to the Incas. Similar to sage, PS has a lot of medicinal and spiritual uses. I use PS when I do my at home yoga practice, meditate, need to relax & when I need to cleanse from some bad vibes.
 Sage Smudging Stick

Sage Smudging Stick


Palo Santo sticks from Lockwood Shops

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Why Hire A Pro. Organizer?