Where To Donate What

"Declutter" is a magical word that may instantly give you a feeling of calmness, zen and peace of mind. This is the goal with any organizing project however, the process can sometimes be the opposite.

One reason for this is people don’t always know where to donate what. Clothing is usually the easiest to deal with because there are so many establishments and organizations set up that take clothing donations. But what about old sheets, TVs, books etc? These are a bit more challenging and require more research. 

Lucky for you, I am sharing my go-to places that recycle, upcycle and put your unwanted stuff to great use! 

Electronics: Disposing old electronics in the garbage is one of the most harmful things we, as humans, can do to the environment. Thanks to places like Best Buy and Staples, it's very easy to recycle these items. Visit their websites for more information and a list of all items they take and recycle. 

Books: My #1 favorite place to donate old books is any public library AND most of them take DVDs as well. Added bonus: you receive a form to write off your donations on your upcoming tax form. #keepbooksalive 

Linens: This is probably my favorite category! As a huge animal lover, I bring old bedding, towels, linens etc. to animal shelters. Shelters line crates with these materials so animals are nice and comfy. Could you think of anything better to do with your old bed sheets? I didn't think so.

Eyeglasses & Sunglasses: New Eyes is a great non-for profit that takes eyeglass and sunglass donations! Visit their website to find out how to donate your old eyewear and even set up a drive in your community: https://www.new-eyes.org/


Are there any other items you have a hard time purging because you don't know what to do with them? If so, please comment below! 


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