How To Perfect Your To-Do Lists

To-Do lists are always a hot topic. Personally, I can’t live without them. However, I have made the mistake of putting too much on a to-do list, not getting it all done & then BOOM, all of a sudden you feel like a failure. That’s not a great feeling. My advise to everyone: be kind to yourself and allow the realistic. Here are some to-do list tips that help you do just that.

  1. Decluttering Is Not Just For Stuff:  Decluttering is a huge part of any organization project but should not only be limited to physical items. It can be applied to email inboxes, spending habits and also to do lists. Sometimes, we can get over zealous and put 20 items on a list. However, in reality, doing this can be overwhelming, distracting and stressful, just like physical clutter.
  2. Prioritize Your List: Putting urgent tasks at the top of your list is key. Try to get them out of the way earlier in the day if possible. You will feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders, and you will be motivated to continue on with the rest of your list. 
  3. Create Stretch Goals: In retail, you usually have sales goal for the day and once that goal is met, you aim to hit a stretch goal. The idea behind a stretch goal is to essentially get ahead of your goal for the month, quarter and year. I have been applying this tactic to my to-do lists, because I feel way less stress in my life when I am one step ahead verses always playing catch up.
  4. Practice Intentionalism:  The intentions behind things can motivate you more then just the task itself. It gives meaning to your work. Be conscious of your true intentions when you are making your to do list. For example: some people find the task of laundry to be daunting. But if we focus on the intention behind doing laundry, we realize that we love having clean clothing and outfits that make us feel confident. 
  5. Pick A System That Excites You: Since we are in a digital age, there are so many to-do list apps that are awesome. I am more old fashioned, and prefer writing things down, but which ever you choose, pick a system, program or notebook that excites you and makes writing daily to-do lists that much more enjoyable.