Why Hire A Pro. Organizer?

Why Hire A Pro. Organizer?

“So what do you do?”
“I am a Professional Organizer.”
“Oh wow, are all your clients hoarders?”

This is a conversation I have weekly (sometimes multiple times a week). The short answer: No, you don’t need to be a hoarder to benefit from the services of a Professional Organizer. But who exactly does need an organizer and why.

Here are five reasons why hiring a P.O. this spring can be just what you and your family need:

1. Conquer The Clutter: Whether its boxes of old photos, or clothing we haven’t worn in years, we all have items that can cause clutter. Working with a pro to tackle these areas will make the process a lot easier for you. Professional Organizers help you sort through these items and decide what stays, gets donated or discarded. We then piece it all back together by creating a system that is simple for you to maintain. #clutterconquered

2. New Perspective: Sometimes we get too comfortable with how we use our space. Having a fresh set of eyes can shake things up; usually for the better. I learned this first hand designing closets. Clients would call me for a consultation and say things like “I doubt there is anything you can do with this space, it’s just so small.” After taking some wall measurements and assessing their storage needs, I would design two to three options per closet. The client would usually respond with “Wow, I didn’t even think that was possible.” The same can also be true for organizing.

3. Relax More, Stress Less: A main reason people call up a P.O. is because clutter and disorganization is adding unwanted stress to everyday life. We don’t always realize it, but clutter can signal to our brain that our work is never finished. That is a very stressful way to live and an organizer can help relieve some of that stress.

4. Save Time: When I started my Professional Organization business, I was inclined to learn about time and how we waste it looking for things. All those mornings we can’t find our keys, sort through boxes to find that one pair of shoes you need for a wedding, or that bill you can’t seem to remember where you placed, add up. In general, the average person uses around 1 year of their life looking for things. My mind was blown after I heard that number and I want to help my clients gain some of that time back.

5. Save Money: Similar to time being wasted, money can be wasted as well. A classic example of this is buying the same hot sauce three different times because they are all buried in different areas of your refrigerator and you can’t find it when you need it. Another example is when a client and I are sorting through their closet and we find multiple items with tags still on them that have never been worn and essentially been forgotten about. When you have a more organized system in your closet, or in your fridge, you may just want to wear something you already own, and not need to re-buy something that you have but can’t find.

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